Policy Work Group

Policy Work Group (PWG) 

The Policy Work Group, the first HCAP working group was originally charged with examining policy barriers to substance use treatment in East and Central Harlem. A survey of service providers conducted in 2000 lead the PWG to further focus their field of inquiry to policy barriers to community reintegration after jail. In recent years, the PWG is focused on examining barriers to affordable housing, specifically public housing, upon release for individuals who are not diagnosed with a mental illness or HIV/AIDS. In 2011, the PWG released its second policy report available on this site.

 IWG MembersAffiliation
Ann-Gel Palermo
Ingrid Gonzalez
Sr. Mary Nerney
Eric Canales
Alyson Davis
Saenam Kim 
Janya Tagat
Cassandra Ritas (past)
Monique Kusick (past)                   
Harlem Community & Academic Partnership
Community Health Advocate
Community Resident/STEPS to End Family Violence
Community Resident & Advocate
Former PWG Social Work Intern/Current Member
Former PWG Social Work Intern/Current Member
HCAP Intern/undergraduate student
The People's Policy Institute 
Formerly of NYAM/CUES

Status: Unfunded; IWG activity is ongoing. Published two policy work group reports on community reintegration in East and Central Harlem.  Contact by email hcap.pwg@gmail.com.