HCAP Guide Intervention Work Group

Includes all HCAP developed resource guides including the following:
  • Harlem Resource Guide (www.harlemresourceguide.org)
    • Web-based Harlem Resource Guide The web-based Harlem Resource Guide (www.harlemresourceguide.org) was developed based on a need for a reliable and up-to-date resource that can serve as a ready reference for communityservice providers, particularly as an aid in referring clients.
    • Status: Unfunded, seeking an institutional partner to host website.
  • Survival Guide
    • The printed Survival Guide provides information on health and social supports for substance users in Harlem.
    • The guide includes three sections:
      • health information and how to navigate the system to obtain services
      • a reference list of community services
      • relevant "hotline" numbers.
    • The bright colors and design incorporates local street art with feedback from active substance users.
    • The guide was translated into Spanish but has not been printed.
    • Status: Funding provided by the CDC under the Urban Research Centers award from 1999-2003; IWG activity ongoing, currently seeking new funding for printing in English and Spanish; and an updated review of the Guide.
  • Transition Guide: How To Get A Good Start On The Outside
    • Due to the success of the Survival Guide, the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute collaborated with HCAP Survival Guide/PWG IWGs to develop a statewide version called the Transition Guide.
    • The Guide used the design principals of the Survival Guide and aimed at providing statewide information and resources for people leaving prison.
    • The Transition Guide was a one-time effort by the AIDS Institute where nearly 27,000 were printed and distributed to parole offices throughout the state.

 IWG Members
Ann-Gel Palermo
Sister Mary Nerney
Eric Canales
Mary Foley
Harlem Community & Academic Partnership
Community Resident/Advocate, STEPS to End Family Violence
Manhattan HIV Care Network
Mount Sinai School of Medicine