Intervention Work Groups

Intervention Work Groups (IWG)

Intervention Work Groups (IWG) are sub-committees comprised of HCAP members and non-HCAP members (as necessary) which conduct the community-based participatory research (CBPR) process to design a community-based research intervention around a specific health issue of relevance to the Harlem community.

IWGs are:

  • Primarily born out of a strong interest among individuals who are concerned about a particular health topic.
  • Convened and lead by an HCAP member(s).
  • May be lead by both a community and academic partner(s).
    • The primary role of the academic partner is to contribute their research expertise, skills, and training to the CBPR methodology.
    • The primary role of the community partner(s) to ensure authentic community participation throughout the CBPR process, including the intervention design, implementation, dissemination of findings, and policy advocacy (when applicable). 
Recognizing the community as a social and cultural identity, IWGs ensure the application of a CBPR approach to targeted research endeavors and can be a tool toward community mobilization, developing assessments, educational materials, and processes for study implementation. It is through the IWGs whereby HCAP is able to generate outcomes and products and implement a diverse range of dissemination strategies. The IWGs are also the best way to use our HCAP interns, which are often graduate level students from Social Work, Public Health, Law, and Medicine. 

Currently active IWGs are:

  • Policy Work Group
  • HCAP Guide IWGs
  • East Harlem Emergency Preparedness Collaborative (Co-Founder)
Past IWGs focused on: Asthma; "Big Girls" (Weight Loss among Women of Color); HPV/Cervical Health; Community Capacity Center; Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse; PHARMLINK; Project VIVA Harlem (