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Harlem Community and Academic Partnership Principles of Involvement in Research, Program, and Project Activities

I.     The community within which HCAP will primarily support, collaborate, and or partner with to conduct public health research is currently defined as East and Central Harlem.

II.    The purpose of any project supported and or research conducted that involves HCAP is to benefit the community either through increased knowledge or by promoting better health.

III.    As it relates to research conducted in Harlem, HCAP views community-based participatory research as the preferred approach in conducting public health research and project interventions.  The purpose of participatory research is to develop a partnership of community-based organizations, public health agencies, educational and other relevant institutions that can work together to study and improve community health through long-standing interventions.

IV.    HCAP shall serve as a resource to prospective research partners and project teams on the unique daily living conditions, needs, strengths, and community dynamics of the Harlem community and other related geographical areas with similar burdens on health.

V.     On all products generated from research, program, and project activities, HCAP must be consulted with and invited to collaborate as co-author (where appropriate), and acknowledged in the contribution as partners that participated in the research or project intervention. 

VI.    HCAP has an obligation to disseminate findings in a timely manner through community forums, community newsletters and other community events.

VII.   All research, program, and projects involving the participation or partnership of HCAP will meet current ethical standards and will fully respect the rights of all participants in a culturally sensitive manner. As it relates to research, this includes the rights to be aware of risk and benefits, to give informed consent and to have the option to withdraw from research at any time without penalty to the participant. 

VIII.   As it relates to research activity, HCAP will be involved in all phases of research activities including defining the problem, gathering data, analyzing data, using, interpreting, and disseminating results, program development and evaluation, and in strategies to advocate for policies to improve health. As it relates to lending support to programs or project activities, HCAP will be involved as determined by the HCAP Steering Committee and as outlined in the letter of support.

IX.      HCAP will contribute to the evaluation of all research activities. 

X.       As long as the above principles are followed, participating research, program, and project partners are not limited to members of HCAP, and in fact, involvement of local residents, other community-based organizations, other public agencies and educational and other relevant institutions are encouraged. HCAP recommends all research, program, and project partners include a method of compensation for time and effort for community residents and community-based organizations specifically.